Egg Donation Las Vegas is excited to help you achieve your dream of becoming parents.

Our job is to become your advocate throughout your journey, facilitating all aspects of the egg donation process and allowing you to focus on your pregnancy. 

Egg donor assistance gives women the highest chance of becoming a parent over all other infertility treatments. Our agency adheres to strict guidelines in selecting candidates for your egg donation process.


Healthy Donor Eggs

The egg donation process has come a long way in recent decades. Now, all donors undergo extensive medical and psychological screening which ensures that you are receiving healthy eggs from a healthy woman. Egg donation is becoming more popular every year as the demand for eggs increases, and more women become aware of the process.

There are a number of reasons why so many people choose to use our egg donor agency. First, we have a vast selection of highly qualified donors from all over the US. Secondly, our agency is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical practices in the industry. Third, all donors undergo extensive medical and psychological screenings--ensuring you receive healthy eggs from a healthy female.


Find an Egg Donor

Why should I choose your agency?

Unfortunately, it's common practice among most agencies to keep your deposit should your egg donor drop out for any reason. They apply the amount as a credit toward your next egg donor with them. Now, you're chained to their agency even if you don't like their selection or service. We find limiting the options of someone trying to have a child to be unconscionable. We know the financial and emotional burden of infertility. Our goal at Egg Donation Las Vegas is to help you fulfill your dream of becoming parents any way we can. If your egg donor drops out for any reason we will refund your deposit. Also, if your cycle is unsuccessful we will wave our agency fee if you go for a second cycle. You will still be responsible for your egg donor's fee and medical costs but no fee to us. Our policy is to keep working until you're pregnant!

Do you meet with all egg donors?

We meet with all of our egg donors in person or by video conference if they are not local. Each egg donor is unique in their own special way. These interviews help us better understand each egg donor's personality.

Is the donor open to meeting?

Most Donations are anonymous however some Recipients and Donors prefer an "open egg donation." The decision to make a donation open requires the consent of both the Donor and the Recipient.

What are the legal rights of egg donors and recipients?

It is widely accepted that children born as a result of egg donation legally belong to the recipient's of the donated eggs. The recipients assume all responsibility for any child born from the egg donation. Egg donors have no rights to these children. A licensed attorney can explain to you the actual laws of your state in detail. If you don't have an attorney we will refer one to you who specializes in egg donation contracts.